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A significant part of what makes plastic surgeons successful is how their patients feel after their plastic surgery procedures. Orange County facial plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy R. Miller receives rave reviews from his patients, including one patient's story about rejuvenating her face just weeks before her high school reunion. Here are some other notes patients have sent to Dr. Miller after their surgeries.

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Doctor Miller,
Michelangelo is widely regarded as the most talented artist and sculptor the world has ever seen. I now believe in reincarnation and that he has traded in his paintbrushes and chisels for operating room instruments. I also know now, that I selected the "best" of the best cosmetic surgeons. The face-lift & neck-lift procedures you performed, is already looking better than what I was hoping for!!! Your talent is greatly appreciate!! Enjoy a relaxing evening

Dear Dr. Miller,
Here I am again thanking you for your fabulous "handy" work. You sure know how to make a girl feel great!

Dr. Miller,
I've said it once and I'll say it again ... You da Man! Thank you for sharing your gift so I can continue on with my beauty!

Dr. Miller,
I am so thankful for your wonderful work you did on my cut! It looks great. Thank you for staying late & taking me in so quickly to suture it. I really appreciate your friendly & professional staff, your comfortable office & the care provided. I will be back & have shared your name with friends. Thank you for your generosity.

Dear Dr. Miller,

This thank you note is past due. I've been meaning to write you for quite a long time but as happy as I am with the changes thought it would come out too "schmarmy"! Six months later I think it still will!

I'm sure you have heard a lot of the sentiments I'm about to express from your other patients but just saying "Thank You" doesn't seem like enough.

I feel that I'm more "congruent"! Now when I look in the mirror it looks more like the person I feel I am. I certainly regretted all the time I spent in the sun, especially the years I spent in Puerto Rico and the Philippines right next to the equator! But sunscreen wasn't really on the radar then. Can't roll back the clock and I wasn't looking forward to looking more and more like a Shar-Pei! (sorry, can't resist the picture) Sad, but true. I hated looking in the mirror.

Now that I look younger, I feel younger. I feel more vibrant and confident and much happier. Thank you! You did a truly wonderful job. Many people have commented, "It looks so natural" . . .

So now, what is the maintenance program?

Dear Dr. Miller,
Just wanted to Thank-you for being so generous with your time and talent! You are greatly appreciated.

Dear Dr. Miller,

Here it is six months later and I'm feeling so great. I thank you every day for saving my face. I saw [my dentist] last week and had my teeth cleaned and they are still there and healthy. You are a "miracle worker." Thank you.

(Patient fell, sustained deep lower facial lacerations and broken teeth and palate, which was reconstructed and her front teeth saved by Dr. Miller.)

Dear Dr. Miller,
I wish to express my thanks to you for your excellent service pertaining to my lower eyelid Surgery of last week. Thank you also for your professionalism, and excellent Bedside manner. The best to you and your staff.

Dear Dr. Miller,
Thank you so much for all that you've done for me this year. You're an exceptionally fine surgeon and a truly wonderful doctor. I'll always be grateful for your kindness, good humor, and care.

Dear Dr. Tim Miller . . .
I just wanted to quickly thank-you for all your care while my daughter was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. You were really wonderful! You showed sincere concern and kept me informed and involved every step of the way.

Dr. Miller,
You did a brilliant job on my upper [eye]lids. Very pleased.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to express my Enormous Gratitude and appreciation for "All" that you have done for me and she loves what she sees in the mirror after being the hands of Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller & Staff:
Thanks to all of you for your kindness. I'm very pleased with the results of my surgery, and I can't begin to tell you how I've enjoyed meeting all of you.

Dear Dr. Miller,
I absolutely LOVE what you've done to my face!! Thank you so very much. Your expertise and your vision went beyond my expectation (that rarely happens)! I am very happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Dr. M.,
I want to express my gratitude for the many hours you dedicated to perfecting your surgical skills. You truly have a talent that blesses people's lives. How does one begin to measure the impact you make? And what is even more important is how comfortable I feel knowing that I am turning my appearance over to your capable hands. I told my friend who picked me up from surgery the other day that I probably wouldn't have done this if I hadn't attended your dinner event and heard you speak. It was your sincerity that encouraged me to take a positive step for myself. I Love looking as young as I feel. I don't know how I can thank you enough. In addition to considering you my skilled surgeon, I also consider you a true friend! Warmest regards.

Dear Dr. Miller & Staff,

During this time of year when thoughts turn to reasons to be thankful, I thought of you. Actually, I think of you every time I look in the mirror & and don't see that accordion pleat running down the side of my face or those gizzards hanging off my neck~

Thanks for making this old broad feel like dancing!

I get more complements and I feel more confident... I also use a lot less makeup! Dr. Miller was very particular about all aspects of the surgery and follow-up! Loved having my hair washed for me (my other friend who used a different doctor did not have that or the mini facial that I got!)

Dr. Miller,
Not only are you an excellent (!) surgeon, but you are compassionate, kind & generous as well. Thank you so much for your kindness. I am thrilled with the results. Warmest regards.

Thank you Dr. Miller for your, honest, patience, knowledge and for your HANDS! I appreciate your hard work.

Dear Dr. Miller,
It's been almost eight months since I had my surgery. I must tell you again, that I am so happy with the results! I used to hate looking in the mirror and seeing my "problem" areas. Now I love seeing what I see when I look in the mirror-Thanks to you! You did a fantastic job. Working with you and your staff has been a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for everything!

Dear Dr. Miller,
Thank you for all you have done, you are a wonderful and skillful doctor. Everything you said you will do was done. You have an amazing staff. Every one there was nice and always smiling, not to mention very beautiful, they made me feel welcomed, an excellent precursor to meeting you. You are definitely the nicest Doctor I met, very informative and answered all my questions, I really appreciate the day you came in on a holiday to remove my stitches, I can't say how much that really meant to me. Every time I look in the mirror I think of you saying "Wow! He really did a good job on my face." I now can stay up all night without looking as if I stayed up all night. I love it!! I can't thank you enough for this positive experience; it really wasn't a hard choice.

Dear Dr. Miller,
Thank you for doing such an amazing job on my nose! Now that the hump on my nose is gone, I feel so much more confident in my appearance. Now I can bring that confidence with me as I head off to college! Thanks again for taking such great care of me. My mom and I knew you would!

'I Couldn't be Happier'

With my 45th high school reunion fast approaching, I wanted to look my best. I knew I was cutting it close, since my reunion was less than a month after my complete facial rejuvenation that would include a neck lift, mini-facelift, fat augmentation, liposuction and a TCA peel.

As the old saying goes, "In for a penny, in for a pound." Or, in my case, a dollar.

I'm not new to cosmetic surgery. I've been a fan since I was 30. I'm now 62. I've had a couple of facelifts, breast augmentation, a peel, and I get regular injections of BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers. Still, my naturally thin face has continued to grow more hollow with each passing year. When I first spoke with Dr. Miller more than a year earlier, he suggested a fat augmentation procedure. I really didn't know what that was, but I spoke to Sandi, the surgical coordinator, many times with questions. She was forthcoming, authentic, and available whenever I called. I felt better discussing routine issues with her, instead of taking up the doctor's time. Thanks to these discussions, I ended up being clear about my expectations, the timelines involved, and how the procedures would be done. Most useful of all was looking at before-and-after photos of Dr. Miller's actual patients -- these showed his expertise even more than the discussions.


During my final consultation with Dr. Miller before the surgery, I made it clear I did want a "natural" look. That's something I know a lot of people desire, but I was ready for a totally new look that filled out the hollowness and tightened the lax skin on my face and neck.

I prepared for the operation just as advised, including having meals already prepared for when I returned home. I chose to spend the night at the surgical center, which was a great decision. I woke up in a cozy room with a lovely, quiet, and attentive nurse who helped me whenever needed.

Day of Operation

I arrived about 7:30 a.m. and met with the surgical nurse after my husband left for work. I've always found the pre-surgical preparation to be more stressful than post-surgery recovery. Dr. Miller arrived and took some photos. He was focused and prompt. An IV nurse came in who was very calm and appeared extremely competent. She helped my take some pills, asked me some medical questions and then, I drifted off.

Night of Operation

As I mentioned, I was much more comfortable spending the night than returning home. When I woke up early the next morning, I cleaned up, helped by the nurse, and was ready to go home by 8 a.m. Dr. Miller checked me out before I left.


Things went as expected during the first several days. I made sure to walk around the house and by the 6th day after surgery I actually went to lunch by myself with a good book. The next day I had more sutures removed. My face still didn't look that great, but I remained patient. By Day 10 post-op I was back at work, although the continued facial peeling drew a few questions.

Countdown to Reunion

Day 11: Not sure I'll make it to reunion. The swelling is still obvious. I knew it would ultimately look good, but I also knew I was walking a fine line as far as timing went. I continued to improve the next couple of days and felt fine, even though I have to run up and down stairs most of the day at work.

Day 14: Facial and make up appointment, compliments of Dr. Miller. That's a major perk and was exactly what I needed. The medical training of the aesthetician is critical, as she understood the recovery process and suggested several skin care products perfectly suited for the my recovery stage. I think I'll make the reunion after all. The next day had my hair styled to emphasize my face and cover my ears (which were no longer pierced because Dr. Miller corrected my Dr. Spock look.)

Reunion: I looked amazing. Still peeling a bit, but the moisturizer I purchased disguised it.

Dr. Miller is an extraordinary surgeon. He is skilled beyond belief in his craft and the recovery actually happens by itself. This is a testament to what a fine job he does surgically. I could not be happier (although I wouldn't recommend cutting the time so close if you're planning a social event.) My husband has gotten over the shock of my new look and has been uncharacteristically complimentary. For fun, he calls me by a different name and is hoping this new woman can cook.

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