Procedures Depicted:

  • Rhinoplasty

A young lady in her early thirties requested improvement in her nasal breathing as well as the appearance of her nose.

She had long suffered from nasal breathing issues and thought it was due to her deviated nasal septum. Although a deviated nasal septum is often the cause of nasal obstruction other areas inside her nose was causing her nasal obstruction. Specifically, she had a condition termed vestibular nasal valve stenosis and it is quite common and quite often an overlooked cause of nasal obstruction, even by experienced nasal surgeons.

She also sought improvement in her nasal appearance, but did not want to alter the ethnicity of her nose. She just wanted her nose to be more refined, especially her nasal hump. She underwent an open septoplasty and rhinoplasty which corrected her nasal breathing issues and refined her nose. The result is a natural, well-functioning nose that balances well with the other features of her face.