Meet the VECTRA® 3-D
imaging system by Canfield!

The world has gone high-definition 3-D, and so has Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery. 3-D imaging has revolutionized the aesthetic industry because it allows patients, for the very first time, to visualize their results from surgery, dermal fillers, and skin treatments. Dr. Miller also takes 3D images of patients prior to all surgeries and most treatments. He uses the 3D images on a large TV screen in the operating room and later to compare before and after results.

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The examples of VECTRA images below detail the possibilities from aesthetic treatments currently available at Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery.

Vectra imaging of a woman's face

A 3D video illustrating the actual results of a lower face and neck lift with chin augmentation from a chin implant. The procedure was performed in Aliso Viejo at Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery Center by Dr. Timothy R. Miller. See more images and get more details here.

The VECTRA system can create computer simulations prior to surgery or treatments in some cases, which can help illustrate results that are possible and — just as important and informative — not possible because of your unique anatomy or lofty expectations. The VECTRA M3 3-D imaging system is dedicated, like our office, to procedures of the face and neck only. We invested in this technology because we believe patient education is invaluable. In some circumstances, pairing this visual tool with our informative consultations is part of our synergistic approach to meeting your aesthetic goals.

Our Vectra imaging machine
Woman using a Vectra imaging machine