Ptosis ("Toe-sis") is a common condition that affects one or both upper eyelids. Specifically, the upper eyelid will be in an unnatural, lowered position or appear to droop down and cover the colored portion of the eye, the iris. Most people with mild ptosis will notice "something's wrong" in photographs, where one eye will appear more closed, or perhaps smaller than the other eye. In some cases, the condition is extreme with one eye drooping significantly and affecting vision.

What Causes Ptosis?

Ptosis can be the result of genetics, or due to aging or an eye injury. In some rare cases, the condition is the result of an earlier eyelid surgery that affected the muscle or other structures in the eyelid. If you have this condition, we urge you to connect with Dr. Timothy Miller to discuss your treatment options. The drooping eyelid can be corrected, leading to better vision and a greatly improved appearance.

What is Ptosis Surgery?

This procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art outpatient facility in Aliso Viejo. Typically, twilight sedation is provided to ensure the procedure does not cause discomfort. If the drooping eyelid is associated with the eyelid muscle structure, it may require adjusting this muscle so the eyelid lifts properly. Extraneous skin may need to be removed to help the eyelid lift as it should. Every case is different, and it is imperative that your surgery is performed by a highly-skilled, experienced facial surgeon. Dr. Timothy R. Miller is a double-board certified facial surgeon, and has an extensive background in facial restorations, and can help you resolve ptosis, both in eyelid function and appearance.

Orange County residents from Newport Beach, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Laguna Beach trust Dr. Timothy Miller for cosmetic facial procedures. If one or both of your eyelids has begun to droop and sag, request your consultation online or call us at 949-482-1752 to meet with Dr. Miller to evaluate your condition.

Correcting Ptosis

Most of Dr. Miller's patients who undergo ptosis correction are having trouble with the appearance of the condition. The condition can be genetic, and affects people of all ages, impacting appearance and possibly vision. Patients with ptosis may also have severe bags under the eyes. To restore a refreshed appearance, both issues can be corrected in the same surgery.

No-Scar Surgical Technique for Eyelid Surgery in Orange County

For ptosis, Dr. Miller typically uses an inside-the eyelid surgical technique that leaves no visible scar. The technique is performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation, and can be performed with other procedures. The recovery time is generally between 7 and 10 days.