Sculptra is a very safe and effective product used by Dr. Miller to rejuvenate hollow facial features. Unlike other fillers, Sculptra works by inducing collagen growth, thereby adding volume and fullness to the areas needing it most. Sculptra is particularly effective in the lower cheek areas, where it provides structure and support from the collagen growth that helps to reverse the signs of aging.

Dr. Miller is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who focuses on providing a refreshed and rejuvenated look for all his patients. He is widely trusted to deliver exceptional results. With a genuine commitment to giving you the best experience and a natural-looking, beautiful facial profile, you can count on Dr. Miller to use the latest techniques and treatments, including Sculptra, to achieve a more youthful appearance. To schedule your personal consultation, please call us at 949-482-1752 or request your consultation online. Dr. Miller provides Sculptra injections at his Aliso Viejo clinic, serving all of Orange County including the Newport Beach area.

Common Questions or Concerns

What Is Sculptra?

Sculptra® is injectable poly-L-lactic acid, which is an FDA-approved biocompatible material with the unique ability to stimulate your tissues to produce collagen. Dr. Miller has been using Sculptra since 2006 and has consistently achieved amazing outcomes for his patients. The increased collagen production not only provides the filling of hollowed areas but also supplies support and structure to the tissues treated. Sculptra treatments are simply more effective than collagen creams and supplements.

How Does Sculptra Work?

Sculptra works by stimulating your tissues to generate new collagen. After the treatment, the Sculptra molecules signal your body cells and fibroblasts to populate the area and produce collagen. The biological process takes weeks and months to see the complete results, but you may start noticing subtle improvements in the health and complexion of your skin almost immediately. Many patients prefer the gradual Sculptra process, so family, friends, or co-workers won’t know you had anything done, you only look more refreshed!

Unique 3D time-lapsed video of the results achievable after Sculptra treatments. The uncolored gray 3D video shows the significant volume filling that are commonly achieved with Sculptra treatments performed by Dr. Miller.

What Can I Expect From the Sculptra Procedure?

Dr. Miller prides himself on providing a refreshed, youthful look for all his patients. When you come in for a Sculptra treatment, you'll have a 3D image taken to illustrate the areas in need of aesthetic improvement. Sculptra is a well-tolerated injection because Dr. Miller mixes the filler with numbing medication. Additionally, as a facial plastic surgeon, he has the skill and precision necessary to deliver the Sculptra in a very comfortable manner.

For optimal results, Sculptra does require multiple treatment sessions. Most patients will require 2-4 treatment sessions based on their age and unique anatomy. Most patients require 2 vials per treatment. The results are gradual and take anywhere from 6-9 months to achieve the final results, but the results typically last as long as 2 or more years.

Sculptra is a remarkable treatment for hollowness below the cheeks and in front of the ears. These are areas often overlooked or unknown by patients and other professionals, but they are essential to address to achieve proper facial balance and a more youthful appearance. For hollow temples, Dr. Miller prefers other treatment options, which can be found here.

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