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Eyebrows: The Hidden Tail

Over the years, you may have noticed something different about your eyebrows.  You may have thought they were just falling with age. However, a closer look of earlier pictures may reveal that the eyebrows are actually still at the same height!  But, looking more closely, you may see that the eyebrow tails have changed; that is, their shape is different and almost hidden from view.      

Similarly, look closely at the "before" picture located below on the left, and notice how the tails of the eyebrows are hidden or curved downward, making the eyes look closer together.  Then notice the changes in the eyebrows' tails, in terms of shape and position, after treatment.  The tails are elevated and the eyebrows appear longer!   Also, notice how the change affects the appearance of the eyes.  The eyes appear more open and the upper face appears more youthful.

temples copy

The cause of the hidden eyebrow tail is often hollowing of the temples and this condition can dramatically affect the shape and position of your eyebrows and, in turn, the beauty of your eyes.  The treatment is simple using fillers (or fat transfer in some cases), discomfort free for most patients, and has little to no downtime.  See more before and after pictures by clicking here.

Timothy R. Miller, M.D.

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