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The Forgotten Temples II

As previously written about in a blogjournal article, and presented during a recent national lecture to aesthetic surgeons, the temples are an aesthetically crucial area to address during facial rejuvenation.  The area is commonly overlooked by aesthetic practitioners and patients.  Moreover, the hollow temple, when viewed next to the more frequently augmented cheek, can provide a distorted or “over-done” appearance.  That is, your cheek will look even bigger and overdone when next to a hollow temple.

Re-volumizing the temples lays the foundation for a balanced, youthful facial contour, which generally speaking should be more oval in shape.  Hollow temples produce a concavity or contour that not only imparts an aging appearance but also affects the shape and length and of the eyebrows.  Our website photo gallery and our in-office before and after books have many examples of the aesthetic benefit of augmenting hollow temples.  When viewing the before and after pictures it is helpful to pay particular attention to the improvement of the outer facial shape, the shape and length of the eyebrows, and the overall initial impression that they look more youthful and Refreshed.  

Additionally, we have added a link to a YouTube video illustrating the technique of temple filling, which may be helpful to interested patients.  Using the technique illustrated, we commonly see patients that have excellent results well over 1.5 years!  Temple filling is an advanced technique that should be only performed by experienced facial plastic surgeons or qualified and trained core physicians.  

Timothy R. Miller, M.D.

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