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Tired Eyes, what can you do?

If your eyes continue to look tired despite trying all the possible eye creams,  all the possible eye exercises, and all the other advertised gimmicks, then you may be ready to do the definitive procedure that will have your eyes looking more Refreshed.

The reason why none of the above mentioned remedies work is because they do not treat the underlying cause.  Eye creams are terrific but they only treat the outer skin and the problem with tired eyes is typically eyelid bags.  Eyelid bags are pads or pockets of fatty tissue that reside well underneath the skin.  In fact there is a layer of muscle between the skin and the fat pad, so no cream, lotion, or serum can effectively penetrate these layers and treat eyelid bags.

The best procedure to treat eyelid bags is a surgical procedure termed a lower blepharoplasty (pronounced bleph-a-row-plas-tea).  The procedure performed under mild, conscious sedation and on an outpatient basis.  Downtime is typically about 5-7 days with little discomfort.  For instance, most patients take only one pain pill medication the night of surgery, relying on Tylenol by the next day, if anything at all.

On a final, but very important note, the way the procedure is performed is critical.  Older techniques remove all the fat pads, leaving a hollowed, aged appearing eye.  As a result you're trading one problem for another.  So make sure the correct technique is being performed when you make the decision to improve your tired appearing eyes.  The more sophisticated and skilled technique is termed fat re-positioning and is the technique employed on the patient's eyes below.

Timothy R. Miller, M.D.


Procedure performed by Dr. Miller

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