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Plastic Surgery for Patients From Irvine

Irvine is surrounded by beautiful parks, beaches and attractions, such as Limestone Canyon Regional Park and Crystal Cove State Park. There are hundreds of opportunities for walking, swimming, picnicking and shopping. Crystal Cove State Park is a scenic area for hiking and discovery. It is an area filled with stunning beach scenery and mesmerizing tide pools. Irvine Spectrum Center is an excellent shopping destination for those looking to luxuriate closer to the city center. There is also the Orange County Great Park, a unique attraction that brings in people from all over Orange County and beyond.

Irvine has its own unique atmosphere in the middle of Orange County and we are conveniently located only 15 miles from the center of Irvine. We offer world class services to all people located in Irvine and the surrounding areas. Quality of care and uncompromising performance are within easy reach for those who are looking for truly exceptional service when seeking anti-aging surgery, treatments, or facial enhancements.

Plastic Surgeon Irvine

Facial Surgery at its Best

If you are looking for excellent service and state-of-the-art technology, then Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery and SkinCare is what you’ve been looking for. Procedures performed here by our double board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon are as follows:

Non-Surgical Treatments

We offer an array of skin care treatments and non-surgical options for those who are looking at rejuvenating and enhancing their appearance. Such treatments include:

What are the Benefits of a Facelift Performed by Dr. Miller?

Dr. Miller is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and specializes in the areas of the face and neck. This specialty allows him to concentrate only and specifically on surgery in these areas and makes him a highly sought after facial plastic surgeon. Having your facelift performed by a board-certified specialist, such as Dr. Miller, guarantees a higher degree of success and minimizes any potential risks that are associated with facial cosmetic surgery.

The skill of the surgeon is of utmost importance when it comes to creating the exact outcome desired from facial cosmetic surgery. You will have greater confidence and ease with Dr. Miller than with other general cosmetic surgeons, as your face and appearance are not something to be compromised.

Why do People Choose Dr. Miller and Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery?

Dr. Miller is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, and he and his team excel at providing the level of service expected of their Orange County and Irvine based clientele. Come in for a consultation with Dr. Miller and discover the perfect solution for your cosmetic goals. He and his team will guide you toward the best options available for your goals and help to customize the correct treatment plan for you. So contact us today, schedule a consultation, and come visit Dr. Miller in Aliso Viejo for arguably the best results of plastic surgery Irvine and beyond has to offer.