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Because the eyes play such an important role in communication, beauty, and attraction, it's unfortunate that they are one of the first areas of the face to show the signs of aging. In the beginning, makeup, moisturizers, and non-surgical methods such as BOTOX® Cosmetic can do wonders. But as more excess skin and wrinkles develop, and the prominence of eyelid bags increases, a tired and sad appearance around the eyes may settle in. Dr. Timothy R. Miller offers an effective solution, blepharoplasty, often called eyelid surgery, in Aliso Viejo, CA. Throughout Orange County, women and men visit him at Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery for results that look natural and eyes that are Refreshed.

Dr. Miller, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Orange County, performs eyelid surgery for people from Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Mission Viejo, and beyond at his Aliso Viejo office. To schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Miller, please call us at (949) 215-5402 or request your consultation online.

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Doctor Miller's Approach to Eyelid Surgery

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One of the most common reasons patients come to my practice for consultations is that they are concerned with looking — or being told by others that they look — tired or sad when they actually feel quite happy and energetic. In my experience, the area that has the greatest impact on making the eyes look tired or sad is the lower eyelid area. Often, just covering the lower eyelid area while looking in the mirror demonstrates the impact the lower eyelids have on your appearance. The most effective and long-lasting way to improve this problem is through lower eyelid rejuvenation surgery.

However, not all lower eyelid surgical techniques are the same or produce excellent, long-lasting results. Older techniques, which are still in use by most surgeons today, are based on the removal of muscle and fat. Unfortunately, these techniques commonly leave a noticeable scar, alter the shape of the eyes, loosen the lower eyelids, and create a hollowed, aged appearance.

To avoid these unwanted side effects, I use a more sophisticated approach that restores the natural contour of the lower eyelid area. This approach is more technical, but it is very safe and produces better and more consistent results than older techniques. The technique, termed fat repositioning, re-creates the smooth transition from the lower eyelid to the cheek, which produces a youthful, refreshed, and more attractive appearance. Additionally, the incision is performed on the inside of the eyelid, so there is no visible scar and, just as important, the muscle layer is always preserved, thereby preventing common problems and adverse results seen with older techniques.

While lower eyelid rejuvenation is important, the upper eyelid area cannot be overlooked. Excess skin, puffiness, and hollowness are common features that can contribute to a fatigued and aged appearance. When the eyebrows are not of concern or do not contribute to the excess upper eyelid skin, then a straightforward upper blepharoplasty can be performed with minimal recovery time.

Common Questions or Concerns

Will I have obvious scars? Incision placement in lower blepharoplasty is well concealed inside the eyelid. Upper eyelid surgery incisions are typically placed within the natural eyelid crease. The placement of incisions must be exact, and the amount of skin removed must be carefully measured. Dr. Miller will design an incision pattern that provides you optimal results while taking precautions to create imperceptible scars.

What is the recovery like? The recovery for lower eyelid surgery is very tolerable. Most patients return to work in 4 to 5 days, but because of possible discoloration, they may return in 7 days with minimal makeup. Dr. Miller offers a unique laser treatment to help hasten the resolution of bruising, usually within 7 days. Patients are able to resume most exercise activities in 10 days.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to eyelid surgery? Non-surgical techniques such as BOTOX, dermal fillers, or fat augmentation may improve the appearance of the eyes for some patients. Dr. Miller may recommend using non-surgical treatments in conjunction with eyelid surgery for maximum results.

Will I need upper or lower eyelid surgery? Dr. Miller will assess your facial characteristics during your consultation and make the appropriate recommendations. In some cases, he may suggest a combined upper and lower blepharoplasty or a brow lift.

Step-by-Step Procedure Facts

  • Your procedure will be performed in our AAAASF-accredited operating facility.
  • Both twilight anesthesia (sedation) and general anesthesia are available.
  • You will be able to return home the day of surgery.
  • Discomfort is minimal, with most patients requiring pain medication for less than 24 hours.
  • Most patients can return to work in about 4 to 7 days.
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How to Find Us

Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery is conveniently located for those visiting us from throughout Orange County, and Timothy R. Miller, M.D. enjoys serving his diverse group of patients. To make your visit even easier, select your location below to find easy-to-follow driving directions to our office in Aliso Viejo.

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