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Plastic Surgery for Patients From Mission Viejo

Located in Aliso Viejo, our office at Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery and SkinCare is a mere five miles from Mission Viejo and the surrounding communities. Mission Viejo is a destination unto itself with the beautiful Lake Mission Viejo drawing people for recreational activities, such as hiking and walking Oso Creek trail. Mission Viejo offers great variety for those looking to enjoy the natural beauty of Southern California without traveling too far. Mission Viejo has many parks and recreational opportunities and is considered to be crowning achievements of suburban community planning.

About Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery and SkinCare

Our office is located conveniently close to Mission Viejo, allowing us to serve the community of Mission Viejo and offer world-class care close to home. Our location was chosen so we could offer cosmetic rejuvenation to those seeking facial enhancements and anti-aging treatments in and around Orange County and beyond.

Plastic Surgeon Mission Viejo

Facial Cosmetic Procedures

We offer a variety of procedures specifically for face and neck. Dr. Miller specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and performs the following procedures and more:

Non-invasive Facial Cosmetic Treatments

Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery also offers a variety of skin care treatments and non-invasive facial cosmetic treatments. Many of these are listed below:

Facial Plastic Surgery Specialist Serving Mission Viejo

Dr. Miller specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and understands the intricacies of the face and the underlying muscle structure, leading to superior outcomes. He will evaluate the condition of your skin and facial muscles, working with you to develop a custom procedure rejuvenate and restore the areas of your face and neck that have begun to droop, sag, or need to be restored. Why not look as young as you feel?

There are a few different approaches that can be taken with a facelift, including a full facelift or a mini facelift, which addresses strictly the mid-face region, or a brow lift. Whatever your vision, the procedure will be customized to meet your goals.

The skill of the surgeon is the most important aspect to consider in undergoing facial cosmetic surgery, and Dr. Miller’s experience and training has led to him being considered as among the best facial plastic surgeons serving the Mission Viejo area.

Why Choose Dr. Miller?

Dr. Miller is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon and facial cosmetic surgery specialist located in Aliso Viejo with an office close to Mission Viejo. People come from all over Orange County to have cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Miller. His technical expertise and welcoming staff, luxurious private clinic, and state-of-the-art technology provide an atmosphere of comfort and confidence.

If you are looking to have a facelift performed or other procedure that specifically targets the face or neck, then Dr. Miller is considered to be among the most accomplished facial plastic surgeons in Orange County. He will work with you to create a truly aesthetic result that enhances your natural appearance. His aim is to create a flawless and untouched result, that doesn’t distract from your appearance but refines it. So contact us today, schedule a consultation, and come visit Dr. Miller in Aliso Viejo for arguably the best results of plastic surgery Mission Viejo and beyond has to offer.