What is a male rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure wherein the cosmetic surgeon alters your nose’s size, shape, or symmetry to ensure it complements your overall facial features, including your chin, cheeks, and eyes. A male rhinoplasty aims to give you a well-defined nose that enhances your masculinity while minimizing the appearance of deformities, such as a bulbous nose, a hump on the nose bridge, crooked nose, deviated septum, etc. At Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Miller patiently examines your nose, discusses your cosmetic goals, and uses VECTRA® 3-D computer imaging to curate the ideal nose job treatment plan.

How does male rhinoplasty differ from female rhinoplasty?

A male rhinoplasty aims to masculinize the nose, addressing facial characteristics that are unique to men.

The male nose usually features a prominent and straight bridge with an angular nasal tip, creating a strong and sharp silhouette. Meanwhile, the female nose usually features a softer bridge and nasal tip, creating a gentler silhouette. Furthermore, the male nose bridge is usually broader and higher than the female nose bridge.

Male rhinoplasties are customized according to male features to ensure a strong and masculine appearance with overall facial harmony. However, even as Dr. Miller masculinizes the nose, he does so according to your aesthetic goals and expectations.

Am I a suitable candidate for male rhinoplasty?

Dr. Miller patiently examines your nose and discusses your medical history to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for male rhinoplasty. He also conducts a thorough patient analysis to curate the ideal treatment plan and recommend alternative surgeries that may be better suited to your aesthetic interests. Generally speaking, male rhinoplasty is a suitable procedure for you if you have the following issues:

  • Extremely high or low nose bridge
  • Extremely short or large nose
  • Extremely wide or narrow nose
  • Upturned or bulbous nose tip
  • Hump on the nose bridge
  • Flaring nostrils
  • Drooping nose
  • Crooked nose
  • Structural problems

What can I expect from a male rhinoplasty procedure?

Male rhinoplasty is usually conducted as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Each rhinoplasty is individually curated to address the patient’s specific needs, so it’s impossible to get into the details. However, there are two broad surgical paths — open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty. With open rhinoplasty, the doctor modifies the nasal tip and the septum. With closed rhinoplasty, the doctor also makes surgical changes inside the nasal canals. After the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will discuss post-op recovery guidelines, and you can have someone drive you home.

What is recovery from a male rhinoplasty like?

You can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort after the male rhinoplasty procedure, most of which can be managed with painkillers. The bruises and swelling will gradually recede within 7 days, after which you may be able to resume work. However, you should defer to your doctor’s opinion, and you should still avoid heavy activities for at least 2 to 4 weeks. You will notice dramatic results once the nasal splint is removed after approximately 7 days.

Why choose Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery for male rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure, perhaps one of the most complicated facial surgeries, and it must be performed by an exceptional board-certified plastic surgeon. Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery is helmed by Dr. Timothy R. Miller, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who uses VECTRA® 3-D computer imaging to curate the ideal treatment plan for your specific needs. He demonstrates the approximate treatment results before you even get started, so you know what to expect. Dr. Miller personalizes each treatment according to your overall facial features, and, in some cases, he may also recommend additional surgeries to bring greater balance to your facial features, such as a chin implant.. He aims to strengthen your facial features with natural-looking results.