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Category Archives: Non-Surgical Skin Treatments

The Kim Phuc’s Story

Most people remember this iconic picture taken during the Vietnam War in 1972.  The photograph, taken by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Nick Ut, depicts 9 year-old Kim Phuc running down the road after being traumatically burned by napalm.  At the recent April 2017 ASLMS laser meeting in … Continue reading »

How much Botox do I need?

Botox continues to be the most popular cosmetic treatment in the United States.  Botox has been FDA approved, through rigorous studies proving its safety, for many uses beyond cosmetic purposes, such as migraine headaches.  At Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery and SkinCare we use Botox to help reduce or … Continue reading »

The Forgotten Temples II

As previously written about in a blog, journal article, and presented during a recent national lecture to aesthetic surgeons, the temples are an aesthetically crucial area to address during facial rejuvenation.  The area is commonly overlooked by aesthetic practitioners and patients.  Moreover, the hollow temple, when viewed next to … Continue reading »

Eyebrows: The Hidden Tail

Over the years, you may have noticed something different about your eyebrows.  You may have thought they were just falling with age. However, a closer look of earlier pictures may reveal that the eyebrows are actually still at the same height!  But, looking more closely, you may see that the … Continue reading »

Welcome to Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery

"I opened this state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery office in Aliso Viejo, California, to provide patients seeking aesthetic services with something unique. Our mission is to educate and honestly assess each patient, offering the finest aesthetic treatments available so you will look and feel Refreshed." Read More »

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