Procedures Depicted:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Neck Lift

One of the first issues we discussed was the fullness under her chin. She was quite fit and active but despite diet and exercise that pocket of fatty tissue would just not go away. Additionally, she had problems breathing through her nose, especially during exercise and she asked about refining her nose at the same time her deviated septum was straightened.

During our consultation, we discussed a mini-face and neck lift, and through computer imaging I was able to demonstrate how a chin implant would provide not only a better neck profile but would help balance her overall facial shape and compliment her features. Computer imaging also helped demonstrate the improvement we could see in her nose. To further compliment her features were discussed fat augmentation and focused on enhancing the areas around her eyes.

The procedures performed were a mini-face and neck lift, chin implant, fat augmentation, and a septoplasty with rhinoplasty. The results are quite beautiful and reflect her inner essence. Looking closely, we can see how the fat augmentation did well to decrease the hollowness around her eyes, but also notice how the fullness helps emphasize the beautiful shape of her eyes. Reshaping her nose and chin had a profound effect on her profile and frontal views, and the neck lift finally removed that troublesome fat pocket below her chin for good.