Procedures Depicted:

  • Temple Filling

One of the most common areas that is overlooked when it comes to facial aesthetics is the temples. The temples have a tremendous effect on the overall facial shape of the face. The ideal facial shape, and one that exudes the essence of youth, is a face whose outline is similar to an upside down egg; that is, wider on top than the bottom. With aging the egg “flips”, that is, we get wider on the bottom and narrower on the top, mainly in our temples.

This patient was concerned about her nasolabial folds but upon closer inspection, Dr. MIller suggested that her hollowed temples had a more significant impact on her appearance. Dr. Miller used syringe based fillers to augment her temples, which gave her face a more youthful shape, and healthy appearance; the filling also brought out the beautiful color and shape of her eyes.

Common fillers that are used to augment the temples are Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra. Fat transfer is a popular option for the temples as well.