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Neck Lift: Taking the Right Path to a Natural Look

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In a previous Blog entry, I recommended three questions to ask before proceeding with any neck rejuvenating procedure.  If you asked yourself these questions and came to the conclusion you needed a neck lift you may of subsequently pondered two questions such as, “where do I go?’ and “will I look pulled or too tight afterwards?”

The best answer to this question is to realize there are many choices to consider for neck lifts, especially here in Orange County.  However, a neck lift requires a considerable amount of individualized assessment, because a particular technique that may work well on one neck may not work well on another, and all too often cosmetic surgeons employ only one technique, regardless of the type or condition of the neck.

Here is a case to better explain both questions.  This is a young, energetic lady in her early sixties who requested improvement in her neck, but only if a natural look was possible.  Many would recommend liposuction, laser, Thermage, Ulthera, or perhaps an info-commercial type lift.  However, those are rarely successful or natural appearing, so she chose something better and underwent a customized lower face and neck lift with some laser resurfacing based on her unique features and desires.  My goals, as always at Refreshed Aesthetic Surgery, are to create a Refreshed appearance and provide a result where the patient will continue to look like herself and age appropriate, but with the notion to others that she had, perhaps, lost some weight or changed her hairstyle.



Changes like this can be done under twilight sedation or a general anesthetic, if so desired. The procedures are well-tolerated and performed in our accredited surgery center located in Aliso Viejo.

Timothy R. Miller, M.D.

(All procedures performed by Dr. Miller)

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