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Procedures Depicted:

  • Ear Surgery

This is a very talented young man who at an early age started the process of putting larger and larger specialized ear-rings in his ear lobes, often called “gauges”. Starting in his mid-teenage years the “gauges” progressively got to the size that his ear lobes were stretched to their anatomical limit. Now in his early twenties, he found it difficult to find employment, despite being well educated and qualified; his appearance distracted potential employers.

Consequently, he decided to have his ear lobes re-shaped to their original contour by a lobuloplasty (lob-U-low-plas-tea) procedure. The procedure in performed under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes to perform. There are sutures involved and these are removed in 7-10 days. Soon after the procedure he found employment with a well-known company.